We understand what it takes to generate leads and long-term brand growth.

We believe that the best person to engage with your clients is you: therefore, we won’t do it for you – we’ll teach you, guide you and can pick up the time-consuming grunt work. We believe that nobody knows your clients and targets like you do, and we’ll set you up for success with them.

You can find out more about Little House Marketing here, or read on to find out about how our three-step approach can help you generate leads and build your brand:

Who do you work for, anyway?

An important point, and one often overlooked by those wanting to dive right in and start blogging about topics important to themselves. But how do you know what to write about, if you don’t know who you’re writing for and what’s important to them?

Engaging content, and therefore your content marketing strategy, needs to be targeted to your audience. This will mean that more people you want to reach will see, engage with, and share your content. It’s kind of the start of “going viral”.

That’s why we expend the most effort on defining your target audience: who do you want to work with, and therefore, who does your content need to reach. Through conversation and workshops with your team, we’ll help you to document who your targeting, and keep you on track to ensure we’re producing content that’s interesting and relevant to them, together. In simple terms, the conversation we have with our clients often looks like this:

Finding your niche

What will catch and keep your audience’s attention?

That’s the easy question! Once you know who you’re focussed on, you can start to develop content on topics that they’re already interested in, that they want to read and share with their network.

The more difficult part can be creating a steady stream of content to ensure you continue to engage with your audience over the long-term.

Whether you’re a confident writer or just starting out, we can help you create content that’s interesting and easy to read. We’ll be there wherever you need us, every step of the way. So, whether it’s helping to set your content strategy and topics, taking technical, jargon-laden content and turning it into engaging blog posts, or simply a final proof-read, Little House Marketing has your content-producing back.

Where do I put it, Dear Liza, Dear Liza?

The content you’re creating – even if it’s the best written, most engaging content in the world – won’t help you generate leads unless someone you’re targeting sees it. This is where your distribution strategy comes in. It’s different for every client. We take a client-centric approach, looking again at who you’re targeting, and ensuring you’re utilizing the full range of channels available to you – online, social, search, events, brochures, publications and media – so that you are front-of-mind when an opportunity presents itself.

Does any of this sound like you need a hand?

If it does, feel free to get in touch today. We’re here to help.