When you’re in the business of selling your most finite commodity – time – you watch where every non-chargeable work minute is spent. After all, these are minutes you could be billing or better yet, minutes you could spend with your family and friends. You are no doubt wary of “time sponge” activities, avoiding them at all costs.

For many professionals, LinkedIn has been seen as just this kind of time sponge. If this is you or you’re working with leaders in your organisation to grow their profiles, you will be familiar with the feeling that lots of time goes in, but what comes out? Unless you’re systematically spending time on the things that count on LinkedIn, leads for new business may be hard to come by.

It’s not hard to take control of the time you’re spending on LinkedIn and make it productive and lead generating. Here are three things you can do (or start doing) today to make it happen:

  1. Update your profile and connect with your contacts:  A profile that doesn’t accurately represent you as a professional – one that is out of date or incomplete – cannot help you to attract new business connections. Add your current and past positions, your education, your interests. Important – and often overlooked – is the summary of you as a professional; give people an idea of the kind of professional they would find if they were to engage you. Connecting with those you know the easiest way to build your network on LinkedIn. This is important because once you start to build your profile (steps 2 and 3 below), you need someone to build it with! If you’re worried about competitors knowing who your clients and connections are, check your privacy settings – you can easily make them private.
  2. Share business news via your LinkedIn profile:  You’re reading the news anyway, so why not share those pieces you find important and interesting with your network? You can start out by sharing without any comments, but the real value will come when you share with your perspective over the top. This says to your audience, “I understand this topic and I have a point of view”. People don’t need to agree with you – in fact if they disagree it might spark a conversation either online or in person that could lead to new opportunities.
  3. Use LinkedIn Pulse to share in-depth opinions:  LinkedIn’s blogging platform can help you to share your insights effectively with your network. Like sharing news, it allows you to position yourself as a thought leader; an expert in your chosen area. Pulse is also highly searchable so if you’re looking to be found for a particular skill or topic, this is a great way to surface your profile higher than your competitors. It won’t take much time to put fingers to keyboard, and even if it feels a bit foreign the first time, you’ll become more comfortable with “pulsing” with practice.

If you’re after any help with getting rid of the time sponge and replacing it with time spent productively using LinkedIn to generate leads, feel free to get in touch today. Little House Marketing can coach you through your profile and sharing, and even help you create your Pulse content.

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