Podcasts aren’t new news. They’ve been around for more than a decade, the purview of niche broadcasters and radio reruns.

But reruns no more! Podcasts are coming of age with ‘publishers’, podcast personalities, advertisers and investors recognising them as a legitimate, targeted channel to reach engaged audiences around the world.

There are a number of marketing podcasts that I regularly tune in to, and I admit that in this age of content-on-demand, the audio-on-demand format is a big reason I do. The flexibility it affords, while providing access to quality (often sponsored, but what isn’t these days, right!?) content is just so easy.

For those looking to build a podcasting following, here are my top five tips for success:

  1. Start with your goal firmly in mind: Do you want to grow a following in your niche for your own brand building and business development, or do you want to become a “podcaster”, generating revenue from advertising on your podcast?
  2. Who is your audience and what are they interested in: If you’re a professional adviser, do you want to speak to other professionals (who may refer you work) or to your client directly? The content you produce for each will differ, as will podcasting’s place in your marketing strategy
  3. Dedicate time to producing a quality product: This may involve learning some broadcasting techniques or engaging a specialist to help you produce a great product. If it’s difficult to listen to, or sounds like you’ve recorded it in your garage, you may hurt your chances of building a successful podcast following.
  4. Who do you know? Your well connected connections can be great guest stars for your fledgling podcast, helping you to build your audience and credibility.
  5. Don’t think about podcasting in isolation: If you’re keen to start podcasting it should be part of your overall strategy including other (written or video) content, social media engagement, offline networking and strategic brand building activities, not a stand-alone play.

For more information on the maturing podcasting industry, check out this article from NiemanLab: http://www.niemanlab.org/2016/09/an-island-no-more-inside-the-business-of-the-podcasting-boom

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